Federal Judge: Confederate Emblem on Mississippi Flag Is “Anti-American”

Because it’s true
444John Vreeland
4/14/16 9:43:36 am
re: #12 The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge It is not celebrated as such, at least not as part of a revisionist history, nor has it been wielded as a symbol of racial oppression in the way others have. It's ...

African-American attorney Carlos Moore has filed a federal lawsuit in Mississippi seeking to have the state flag declared unconstitutional, because it includes a Confederate battle emblem (shown above). Yesterday the judge in the case said the Confederate flag is “anti-American,” a fact that’s hard to deny since it’s a …

Blogger Connected to Chuck Johnson’s Crusade Against Thad Cochran Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy

Chuck’s friends taking the fall
6/09/15 12:48:36 am
I am not at all surprised that GOP racism gets a pass from the modern media. The sad truth is that there are more quietly racist white people than anyone wants to believe. A lot of good, blue collar Democrats ...

Racist Pig Rush Limbaugh: “Uncle Toms for Thad”

Totally open right wing racism
289De Kolta Chair
6/26/14 8:27:52 am
"The average Limbaugh listener is rural and sixty-nine. The country is changing in a lot of ways, and what those people are fed is a steady diet of grievance and anger." -- Steve Schmidt, John McCain's chief strategist in 2008, ...

In Mississippi Runoff Election, Tea Party Nutjobs Plan to “Monitor” for Voting Fraud

Obsessed with a crime that does not exist
6/24/14 1:41:28 pm
re: #83 Charles Johnson What a family. They must have been real big on building their kids self confidence and worth to the point of creating big-head-ego-monsters. Can you imagine a party at the Martin house?

Tea Party Mounts Massive Effort to Support Crazy Neo-Confederate in Mississippi

“Do I look fringe to you?”
6/25/14 7:36:15 am
re: #103 GeneJockey On top of everything else, there's the business of closing speeds. A bicycle going with traffic, even at just 10mph, encounters cars at a 20 mph less closing velocity than a bicycle going the other way. If ...

GOP Mississippi Gov. Bryant: Education Is Mediocre Because “Mom Got in the Workplace”

Republican rebranding not catching on
75Etaoin Shrdlu
6/04/13 4:03:06 pm
re: #62 Gus The Library of Congress has, freely available online, the National Child Labor Committee Collection of photographs, mostly taken by Lewis Hine from 1908 through 1924.