Republicans Bitterly Disappointed as Plot to Deprive Millions of Health Care Fails Bigly

7/28/17 11:52:58 am
re: #404 Charles Johnson Heh

Amazingly, John McCain stepped up and did the right thing tonight. I didn’t think he had it in him, but I’ve never been more happy to be wrong. Here’s malevolent turtle Mitch McConnell expressing his great disappointment that he wasn’t able to strip millions of people of their health …

Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Stalls in Senate, as Gov. Bobby Jindal Cuts Off Medicaid Funding

Jindal the creationist decides to harm the women of Louisiana
8/04/15 1:05:11 am
Louisiana is only the 8th worst in teen pregnancies, with a rate 60% than the national average. Jindal is trying to make Louisiana #1 (in something).

McConnell Warns Foreign Leaders the GOP Will Undermine Obama’s Climate Plan

The word for this is “subversion”
510Feline Fearless Leader
4/06/15 5:43:29 am
re: #206 Justanotherhuman There is more involved in that than just declaring the status. You can be a non-profit pretty easily, but being one where contributions are tax-deductible also carries some additional requirements such as spending at least a certain ...

Nightmare Debt-Default Scenario Looks More Likely Every Day

A government shutdown is the least of our worries.
9/26/13 8:11:17 pm
re: #343 ProTARDISLiberal There's no need to skip around the globe year by year. By chance, I found a pretty good gig teaching English in China, and now I'm in my 6th year at the same university. If you stay ...

What Obamacare Supporters Can Learn From The Gay Rights Movement

As Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell sit in the audience, Kentucky’s governor speaks for the uninsured who suffer in silence.
8/26/13 2:01:17 pm
re: #56 EdDantes re: #58 NJDhockeyfan The story, as it has long been handed down from generation to generation (or about 40 or so years ago) was that Blue Oyster Cult was supposed to play in Lewiston, Maine waaaay back ...