Video: Mitt Romney “Would Have Dropped to His Knees” for My Endorsement

3/03/16 11:57:37 pm
Romney believes Clinton will be president anyways, but knows that a Trump nomination will have pushed the republican party into farcical territory. Trump is pushing the party past the point-of-no-return line. Romney is just trying to save the party from ...
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GOP Chair Calls Out Mitt Romney — A Year And A Half Too Late

Reince is trying to keep the immigration debate from getting even uglier
53Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
8/18/13 1:15:30 pm
re: #52 AlexRogan No, they could do that by singleing out individual corporations. They do that already, they attack Solynedra despite it being a corporation. Lots of financial firms are as in bed with Democrats as Republicans.
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Romney Retreats to Multi-Million Dollar Mansion to Mourn His Loss

“Who will make my peanut butter sandwiches now? Oh yeah, the maid.”
12/02/12 3:43:31 pm
Poor little rich boy. Kissing all that ass and losing every last drop of self respect and anything even remotely resembling a soul. The Empty Man still can't figure out what happened. It's simple, Mitt. You suck. Now go cry ...