Photo of the Day: Dinner of the Damned

“Send help”
526Eventual Carrion
6 days, 22 hours ago
re: #404 Backwoods_Sleuth If they're Christians wouldn't lions be better? Real ones. HAVE FAITH!

Here’s Mitt Romney having dinner with Donald Trump (at one of the restaurants Trump owns, of course), going for that Secretary of State job he clearly wants more than his own dignity. Don’t look too closely at what’s on Mitt’s plate. I have a sick feeling those are his own …

Video: Mitt Romney “Would Have Dropped to His Knees” for My Endorsement

3/03/16 11:57:37 pm
Romney believes Clinton will be president anyways, but knows that a Trump nomination will have pushed the republican party into farcical territory. Trump is pushing the party past the point-of-no-return line. Romney is just trying to save the party from ...

You Mean People Didn’t Already Know Romney Was Going to Run Again?

Next in line, please
1/10/15 12:14:56 pm
Romney? How can he not realize that what he said during the 2012 contest has not gone away? It cannot be expunged from the record. And in the intervening four years, the fraction of the US population that is receiving ...

GOP Chair Calls Out Mitt Romney — A Year And A Half Too Late

Reince is trying to keep the immigration debate from getting even uglier
53Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
8/18/13 1:15:30 pm
re: #52 AlexRogan No, they could do that by singleing out individual corporations. They do that already, they attack Solynedra despite it being a corporation. Lots of financial firms are as in bed with Democrats as Republicans.

Romney Retreats to Multi-Million Dollar Mansion to Mourn His Loss

“Who will make my peanut butter sandwiches now? Oh yeah, the maid.”
12/02/12 3:43:31 pm
Poor little rich boy. Kissing all that ass and losing every last drop of self respect and anything even remotely resembling a soul. The Empty Man still can't figure out what happened. It's simple, Mitt. You suck. Now go cry ...