Alexandre Bissonnette, suspect in Quebec City mosque killings

Quebec Mosque Terrorist: Right Wing Anti-Immigration Fan of Donald Trump and French Fascist Marine Le Pen

The spread of far right anti-Muslim ideology has consequences
1/31/17 9:47:34 pm
re: #264 Backwoods_Sleuth Here's the ironic part:

Six people were killed last night in a terrorist attack on a Quebec City mosque. Right wing blogs and media instantly jumped to the conclusion that Islamists were responsible for the shootings, as they always do. But today we’re learning more about the sole suspect in this terrible attack: …

Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Suspect Arrested in Oregon: ‘Christians Can Jihad Too’

‘You look like Obama, you’re a Muslim like him’
8/26/11 8:34:25 pm
re: #11 laZardo Thanks for again proving that a) No one should read Torah in English b) No one should read Torah without Talmud c) No one should pretend they know anything about Judaism based solely on cursory Torah readings. ...

Friends of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer: Sweden Democrats

9/21/10 6:42:25 am
re: #113 marjoriemoon My impression is that Sweden's conservative government (which probably will remain in government, although they no longer carry a majority) is worried about anti-Semitism and that it is doing quite a bit to fight it. Of course, ...

Pamela Geller’s Fans, Part 3: Youth for Western Civilization

9/14/10 12:37:07 am
re: #233 eclectic infidel Those aren't the kind of friends you need. re: #71 Lidane can't be in any way artistic or valid. It was written by one of them Joos! And a woomun at that! re: #92 brookly ...

Live Video: Geert Wilders - Update: ‘In the Name of Freedom, No Mosque Here!’

9/12/10 4:02:22 pm
re: #374 Floridagirl If all you're going to do here on LGF is necro this dead thread then we don't especially need your services. If you want to join in and discuss various issues on a forward going basis beyond ...