Muslim Brotherhood ‘Uses Puppies as Firebombs?’

“Anti-jihad” bigots get even crazier
11/03/13 10:24:38 pm
Thanks to all of you for your funny & informative responses. After waking up this morning, reading this story, and then Paging it, I decided it was a good day to take a break from the internet. It's heartening to ...

Yes, you read that correctly: puppy bombs. If you saw the headline and actually believed it for a second, then your bullshit detector is probably in serious need of a tune-up. Think about it for a minute—the Muslim Brotherhood soaked puppies in gasoline so they could lob them at the …

Egypt’s Descent into the Heart of Darkness

Madness, power, and no good outcome on the immediate horizon
8/15/13 1:18:50 pm
re: #24 Ian G. I think that's the worst thing we can do. As others have pointed out, if we did that, it would only open the door for some other country to step in, one that might not have ...

Washington Post Calls for US to Suspend Aid to Egypt

A lot hinges on a word
125Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
7/05/13 10:35:23 pm
We are allowing a dangerous precendent to be set here: One of the big reasons Egyptian secularists The Tea Party rose up against the Morsi Obama government in such gigantic numbers was because they saw their democratic freedoms eroding before ...

ElBaradei Mobbed by Reporters in Cairo

Egypt on the brink of change?
1/27/11 5:57:42 pm
Carter didn't set in motion a coup that would sow the seeds of anti-Western sentiment that caused the Islamic Revolution, Eisenhower and JFD did. If there's anything that can be learned from the Islamic Revolution it's that the military does ...

Pamela Geller: The Muslim Brotherhood Controls Every Agency of the US Government

2/11/10 10:29:55 pm
re: #491 grim traveler The answer? Let her sink her self. It appears to be the only service she gives the American people. The fact that 76% of this country thinks she is incapable of leading tends to lend one ...