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Image of the Week: A Global Mosaic of Pluto in True Color

To the moon, Alice
1 week ago
re: #276 HappyWarrior Brought here by that Obammy guy dont'cha' knows. Came with him from Ken-Yah by way of Iran for nukes. I know...Bill down at the bar was talkin' 'bout it the other night. /
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The colors in this image of Pluto from the New Horizons spacecraft aren’t simulated or enhanced; they’re the real deal. Very close to what a human eye would see if that person was flying past Pluto at 36,000 miles per hour. They were captured by Ball Aerospace’s Ralph instrument, …

A Human Spacecraft Has Entered Interstellar Space: Listen to the Cry of Other Solar Systems

Measured by the oscillation of our private star
9/14/13 1:08:17 pm
Something that wasn't mentioned in the story here, that many may find relevant: Voyager 1's speed, relative to the Sun, is roughly 39,000 miles/hr, and is currently considered the fastest spacecraft launched from Earth. It has traveled roughly 11.7 billion ...
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