Reuters Incorrectly Says Trump “Reversed” His Threat Not to Help NATO Allies

Not pivoting
374The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
8/16/16 4:20:27 am
re: #373 Nojay UK You said it, it took till the end of 1945 to get enough material for another Little Boy, like the first one, literally sorted atom by atom in the "racetracks". I think it was about a ...

On Donald Trump’s Insane, Frightening Comments About NATO

It’s getting truly scary now
7/21/16 5:02:47 pm
re: #502 KGxvi It means whoever he wants it to hassle. If he or his goons that will be in charge have a bur up their ass about someone they can probably use this policy. By the way, isn't this ...

NATO Airstrike Kills Qaddafi’s Son

The Colonel barely escapes
557funky chicken
5/01/11 11:31:54 am
re: #83 Dark_Falcon Yes it is. But that's not how it will play for a lot of Muslims. And bombing a private residence is not a good idea, regardless. If intel assets saw Mo and wife enter the home, they ...