Jon Stewart vs. the Incredibly Not Racist Racists

“He’s a rare creature - a racist swinger”
126Floral Giraffe
4/29/14 4:10:58 pm
re: #111 Backwoods_Sleuth And those of us in an "extreme danger zone" pay extra taxes for fire fighting. Like a couple of hundred dollars a year... Worth every penney. It's 95 outside right now, and I am very near the ...

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Breaking: Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Suspended Indefinitely, Fined $5M (Update: $2.5M)

Possibly the most expensive argument with a mistress in history
4/29/14 5:26:05 pm
Interesting. I'd like to track down the source of the $5 million error, and the one that first said it was an "indefinite" suspension. If you watch Silver's announcement, he clearly announces a lifetime suspension and $2.5 million. As for ...