Seth Meyers Riffs on Pence’s NFL Stunt, Trump vs. Bob Corker and Puerto Rico

10/10/17 9:02:40 pm
re: #337 Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines Hey, they have to blow off steam somewhere. Me? I avoid that sort of place like the plague. If I want a vacation I'm going out somewhere with plants and bugs ...

Terrific Video: John Oliver on Trump’s Anti-NFL Tirades

154HappyWarrior(Not Larry Kudlow)
9/25/17 2:51:07 pm
re: #153 William Lewis Yeah I never got to know Cato but that's a name I remember. I miss SFZ too. I loved loved her teaching stories and I know she got a kick when I told her that it ...

Dallas Sportscaster Obliterates Football’s Anti-Gay Hypocrisy

It’s ‘time to celebrate’ Michael Sam, not condemn him.
652Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
2/13/14 4:36:55 pm
re: #639 Backwoods_Sleuth Beautiful snakes, but with a deadly bite. My pythons don't look nearly that beautiful, but I prefer snakes that can't kill me.