NASA, NOAA Analyses Reveal 2015 Was Hottest Year in Recorded History

As the GOP remains mired in anti-science denial
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1/20/16 1:45:15 pm
re: #97 Testy Toad T I never said boundless, I said better than batteries. The only boundless substance in combustion is air right? They scaled up for steam with coal. They scaled up ships for whale oil. They once started ...

This visualization illustrates Earth’s long-term warming trend, showing temperature changes from 1880 to 2015 as a rolling five-year average. Orange colors represent temperatures that are warmer than the 1951-80 baseline average, and blues represent temperatures cooler than the baseline. Credits: GSFC Scientific Visualization Studio NASA and NOAA scientists reported …

Global temperature time series: land and ocean components. From 2014 Global Report Supplemental Information.

NOAA Animation Shows Tsunami Spreading Across the Pacific

A computer animation shows the propagation of the killer waves
3/11/11 8:02:52 pm
re: #21 WindUpBird A day or two ago, we were joking about how we should have a wingnut tag for text quotes. Many of us simultaneously suggested Comic Sans, Charles joined in and made the addition of coloring it purple, ...

NOAA Study: All Indicators Show Climate Change is Undeniable

8/01/10 4:12:10 pm
re: #16 garhighway you don't need to tax carbon, you need to A) remove the ginormous oil subsidies B) subsidize viable alternative energy, not "iffy" "solutions" like ethanol, which ruins motors I am so sick of hearing "but it will ...