Video: The Science of Internet Trolls

U mad bro?
1/21/16 2:15:23 pm
re: #116 Whack-A-Mole Two years is nothing. Existential threat? No. Environmental threat? Yes. Their best chance at followers and recruits is their children. They're losing them. The kids are moving to the cities. We are not at that moment. If ...
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A lot of the points made in this amusing video are pretty obvious, but it’s always a good idea to remind ourselves that trolls want you to get upset and angry at them. I’m not sure I agree that ignoring trolls is the best tactic in all cases, though; …

Glenn Greenwald’s Rant Against Michael Kinsley: Just the Good Parts

5/23/14 7:15:48 pm
Maybe late to the party, but here's some of what's notable on my b-day: EVENTS Henry VIII dies, Edward VI becomes king of England, 1547 Pride and Prejudice first published, 1813 Northwestern U chartered, 1851 Carnegie Institution founded, 1902 US ...
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Super Villain Glenn Greenwald Threatens More Leaks Until Obama Bows to Him

The libertarians are getting stranger
122unproven innocence
1/17/14 3:51:13 pm
re: #120 klys I appreciate that innocent people are routinely questioned/investigated --by duly authorized people. My opinion is that highly automated surveilance and data gathering/analysis of everyone everywhere 24/7 is a grave danger, as it implies abandonment of principles of ...
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