Donald Trump’s Most Awful Moments in the “National Security” Forum

“Pretty good with the body language”
417Jebediah, RBG
9/08/16 2:01:05 pm
re: #416 Tigger2 I don't think he can "grow up" - I think he is in over his head, and incapable of doing the job we think he should be doing.

NPR: Snowden May Have Stolen 1.7 Million NSA Documents

The moral of this story: never give a dudebro root access
12/18/13 6:12:01 am
re: #13 spiderx Yea, he just gave documents that may or may not contain my life history to one of the more corrupt nations on the planet, where con-artists openly and arrogantly run the government. That is what I want ...

NSA Leaker Outs Himself: Edward Snowden

Greenwald says: “Courage is contagious”
6/09/13 8:46:13 pm
re: #85 Occam's Guillotine Good point; this is all very strange indeed. I believe the right-wing's incoherent behavior is made possible by their maniacal focus on hating President Obama. They're really in Alice in Wonderland territory.

Greenwald Gloats, Twists Words of National Intelligence Director

Why libertarians love him so
70unproven innocence
6/09/13 2:00:00 pm
re: #34 Charles Johnson I don't think it's so far off-base. I've transcribed [partially] some explanation of "the situation" by William Binney, starting at 30:00 into this video, Laura Poitras Surveillance Teach-In - YouTube Bolding is mine for emphasis, and ...

Video: Full 60 Minutes Interview with President Obama

‘We need to redouble our efforts in hunting bin Laden down’
5/09/11 11:46:26 pm
re: #314 Floral Giraffe I know from experience. A friend of mine stored some of her stuff with me. I got tired of it, and what made it came to a head was that I wanted to paint, and I ...

The End of a Terrorist

No matter how long it takes
556Girl with a Pearl Earring
5/04/11 9:10:35 am
re: #555 Obdicut My husband wasn't "forced" into BUD/S. He was approached when he was in basic training, partly because of his swimming skills (he was a very strong swimmer, having competed in HS). Additionally, he had other skills that ...