Top NSA Official Ridicules Trump’s Conspiracy Theory That Britain Spied on Trump

“Just crazy”
3/19/17 3:34:18 pm
re: #13 thedopefishlives He started a war which killed 50 million.

The deputy director of the National Security Agency minced no words today in an interview with the BBC about Donald Trump’s claim that Britain helped President Obama spy on him during the campaign; he called Trump’s accusation “arrant nonsense.” And that’s not all he said. That last line is …

Greenwald et al to Receive Polk Award - From the Home of the Homeland Security Management Institute

“Many of our students hold management or executive-level positions in agencies such as the…National Security Agency.”
2/18/14 4:55:55 am
re: #388 Charles Johnson The Internet's for porn!

Americans Fear Hackers More Than the Government Over Online Privacy

So a Greenwald #fail then?
9/05/13 1:41:52 pm
re: #174 GeneJockey The present-day US neo-confederates have managed to sour my previously low view of the US confederacy significantly further with their disgusting apologetics for slavery. By now, I'm comfortably of the opinion that the crimes of Confederacy deserved ...