GOP Convention 2016: The Wrap-Up

600Eventual Carrion
7/22/16 3:51:07 pm
re: #589 Dr Lizardo That would make it a terrorist attack

There was so much insanity in Trump’s speech my brain started to shut down. But just off the top of my head — he vowed to erase the separation of church and state, reiterated his position that NATO allies will have to pay up or they’re on their own …

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The Right Wing Hate Machine Goes … There

Pushing an agenda straight out of history
11/20/15 5:15:38 am
There is no patriarical head of the GOP anymore to talk the base off their cliff. There is no Reagan or even Bush Jr., who despite their shared simplistic dumbness at least had some sort of conscience in regards to ...

Ben Carson: Islam Is Incompatible With the Constitution and a Muslim Should Not Be President

Overt bigotry is the GOP brand now
171W of O. The Time Zone Warrior.
9/21/15 1:35:07 pm
Can't fault him for thinking Muslim faith goes with the presidency, but so is Christianity. The president is first of all a human being...

Club for Growth Launches Futile Attack Ads Against Donald Trump

Not getting it
778Pawn of the Oppressor
9/16/15 5:30:57 pm
Re: Irving This mayor was probably elected by the five white people left in Irving, four of whom are old and racist. The rest of the people who live there can't get to their polling places because of congestion and ...

Judge ‘Inundated’ with Death Threats After AZ Immigration Ruling

8/02/10 10:30:55 am
re: #111 Targetpractice, Worst of Both Worlds How about a bill with several provisions that kick in one after the other, none taking effect until the previous provisions have actually been effectively implemented? The first provision tightens border control. The ...