Breitbart Climate Change Denial Article References Infamous Nazi Slogan

Climate change denial headline echoes Third Reich propaganda
12/13/16 5:33:31 pm
re: #157 Backwoods_Sleuth During his 2014 campaign for the House: During the Republican primary, Zinke attracted attention for referring to Hillary Rodham Clinton as "the real enemy" and the "anti-Christ." Edit to add: Zinke "frequently votes against environmentalists on issues ...

Yesterday I came across this tweet by science journalist Kelsey Kennedy: The article is by Breitbart’s resident climate change denying clown, James Delingpole, one of those British conservatives American right wing knuckle-draggers love because their accent makes them sound so smart! While Delingpole’s headline itself is outrageous enough, I …

Andrew Breitbart’s ‘Big Journalism’ Bloggers Use Antisemitic Nazi-Era Cartoon

The far right roots of Andrew Breitbart’s bloggers come bursting to the surface
12/16/11 8:14:34 am
I wonder what, if anything, Ben Stein and Dennis Prager will have to say about this. Because, you know, the leftists are the real anti-Semites.

Former Nazi Guard Charged 29,000 Times

3/12/09 7:39:41 pm
This is how decent, responsible Christians reply to such horrors in which their co-religioniosts had an undeniable hand: admission, remorse, regret, apology, repentence, atonement, and a resolve that the sin and error will never be repeated. I note that ...