Sunday Jam: Neil Finn Live Unplugged, “White Lies and Alibis”

You do what you can to survive
90A hollow voice says, Covfefe.
12/18/16 8:10:21 pm
re: #89 prairiefire Mitochondrial DNA might help.

The version of this song on Dizzy Heights is really different; much more experimental with lots of studio production. I liked that version a lot when I heard it, but the solo acoustic performance in this video just blew me away. It’s a great song either way, but this …

Wednesday Jam: Crowded House Farewell Tour, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

You know that they won’t win
2/16/15 7:03:18 am
re: #445 The Vicious Babushka Thanks for linking that chart - the original source comes from here: (I'll see if I can work on an updated version, since this one's originally from 2011.) Update: here's a version from FRED: ...

Friday Night Jam: Crowded House Live, ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’

There is freedom within, there is freedom without
336Patricia Kayden
7/01/12 9:45:21 am
re: #123 jaunte Powerful photo and story! Those stories need to be featured on NPR, MSNBC, CNN, etc. How can the Repubs be so heartless to want to deny healthcare from people?!! Perhaps I am too Canadian to understand all ...