Today Donald Trump Retweeted 3 Anti-Muslim Propaganda Videos From a British Fascist Group

Sarah Huckabee Sanders says “who cares if they’re real or not?”
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re: #392 dangerman When Moore won his runoff, I figured we had 1 chance in 30 of winning with Jones. Now it could be as high as one chance in 4.

The “Britain First” party is a neo-fascist ultra-nationalist group of skinheads and Nazis that sprang out of the notorious British National Party, founded by a Calvinist minister linked to Ulster loyalist groups in Northern Ireland. Their “deputy leader,” Jayda Fransen, has been found guilty of hate crimes in the past, …

Pamela Geller-Robert Spencer Allies Arrested in London for Planning Attacks

Fascist group plots violence against peaceful protest
11/14/11 1:40:55 am
Pigs is a term with defensible history but long since in use by casual criminals and misguided youth in the UK. It is a slander linked to gang-mentality and protesters shouldn't try to reclaim the term. Well done the police ...