Despite Public Outcry, Trump’s FCC Kills Net Neutrality

12/14/17 5:28:46 pm
re: #236 Blind Frog Belly White One can say the same about anti-vaxx sh*theads...they got to grow up disease-free, but now want to literally kill others because beliefs.

Our happiness over the defeat of far right loon Roy Moore comes crashing to a halt today, as the Trump FCC destroys another piece of President Obama’s legacy: FCC repeals net neutrality rules in sweeping act of deregulation. Sen. Ed Markey says the fight may not be over yet, but …

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FCC Classifies Internet Service as a Public Utility

Almost as important as the llama chase
2/27/15 10:06:14 am
re: #480 Backwoods_Sleuth I'm trying not to dismiss both side's experiences. I guess my point is, even if an interpretational mistake is caused by an authentic bitter experience, it's still a mistake.

Tweet of the Day: Ted Cruz: “Net Neutrality Is Obamacare for the Internet”

11/10/14 10:17:18 pm
Jumpin yellow rattlesnake flags Ted Cruz, net neutrality would help ensure that the internet doesn't run as fast as the government because your campaign donors wouldn't be able to slow down your download speed that you probably use to get ...

FCC Set to Vote on ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules (or, a Huge Windfall to Wireless Providers)

12/21/10 12:15:03 pm
re: #58 JeffM70 Anyone who identifies themselves as part of the Tea Party will almost certainly have no idea what they're talking about re internet legislation. Gullible and stupid and angry people don't handle technical nuance well