Dutch PM Mark Rutte

Dutch PM Mark Rutte Set to Beat Geert Wilders in Election

A piece of possible good news from Europe
342The Major
3/15/17 9:06:42 pm
re: #33 Moebym Since I'm a 1st Generation Dutch-American I've been there a few times-I went over for my cousin's wedding in 1988. Sadly, my mother is the only living member of her linegae, and none of her sons have ...

Far right anti-Muslim Dutch demagogue Geert Wilders has been riding a populist wave and getting campaign funding from right wing US organizations, in an effort to become the largest political party in the Dutch parliament. But in a piece of good news, the latest exit polls from the Netherlands …

Dutch Hatemonger Geert Wilders Acquitted of Inciting Hatred

Wilders benefits from the freedom he wants to take away from Muslims
41Decatur Deb
6/25/11 6:32:55 am
re: #40 Rocktheboat Welcome, newbie, if you're a newbie. You are posting at the bottom of a long-abandoned thread, where people will notice your effort only by accident. Bring your message to a similar current thread or page, they recur ...

‘Conservatives’ Who Want to Ban Books

2/13/09 10:01:14 am
Excellent article at National Review Online today by Andrew McCarthy basically lamenting Britain's refusal of entry to Geert Wilders. It includes a great quote from none other than Winston Churchill who called Mein Kampf (remember, this is the book that ...