Nevada GOP Lawmaker: Cancer Is a “Fungus” That Can Be “Flushed Out” With Baking Soda

397Wendell Zurkowitz (slave to the waffle light)
2/25/15 11:25:25 am
re: #394 HappyWarrior They just need Israel to help fulfill the prophecies of the End Times, otherwise, they could care less for Judaism and its adherents.
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Nevada Republican assemblywoman Michelle Fiore, last seen at LGF when she said “hot little girls” on campus need guns to protect themselves against rapists, is telling her constituents tonight that cancer is a fungus that can be flushed out with salt water and baking soda. Yes, she really said that. …

Nevada Speaker-Elect Ira Hansen Steps Down After His Extremism Is Exposed

Hansen keeps a Confederate battle flag on the wall where he writes
11/23/14 6:19:55 pm
re: #95 The Vicious Babushka My niece finds them on ebay and various swap sites--some are new, some "lightly" used. (I'm embarrassed to say that her twins have 17 American Girl dolls between them--but all but 3 of them were ...
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Sharron Angle to Hispanic Kids: ‘I’m Not Sure Those Are Latinos’ in Her Campaign Ad

10/18/10 1:50:21 pm
re: #178 budda10000 I guess they're having a hard time getting "these people" to agree to be called one thing. At the local Albertson's, the aisle with the refried beans and hot sauce has gone from "Latino Foods" to "Hispanic ...