The Truth About Reno: Trump Incited Mob to Attack a Protester, Then Falsely Accused Him of “Assassination Attempt”

Trump was not the victim - he was the instigator of a violent attack
11/06/16 2:45:33 pm
re: #235 Stanley Sea She is the queen of gaslighting.

Right wing blogs are all screaming this morning about the “assassination attempt” at yesterday’s Trump rally in Reno. Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, is leading the charge as usual with post after post at his illiterate blog calling the man involved, Austyn Crites, an “attacker,” a …

Saturday Jam: Snarky Puppy w/ the Metropole Orkest, “The Clearing”

As Donald Trump’s bigotry wins again
2/20/16 7:37:36 pm
re: #273 Ziggy_TARDIS Oh I have no clue. Yeah I'd prefer to go more left. I just don't think the chair's personal ideology matters much in the grand scheme of things. We need to find out what candidates work best ...

Nevada GOP Lawmaker: Cancer Is a “Fungus” That Can Be “Flushed Out” With Baking Soda

397Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
2/25/15 11:25:25 am
re: #394 HappyWarrior They just need Israel to help fulfill the prophecies of the End Times, otherwise, they could care less for Judaism and its adherents.

Nevada Speaker-Elect Ira Hansen Steps Down After His Extremism Is Exposed

Hansen keeps a Confederate battle flag on the wall where he writes
11/23/14 6:19:55 pm
re: #95 The Vicious Babushka My niece finds them on ebay and various swap sites--some are new, some "lightly" used. (I'm embarrassed to say that her twins have 17 American Girl dolls between them--but all but 3 of them were ...

Nevada GOP Leader Has Long History of Extremism and Racism

What right wing racism?
11/20/14 4:58:45 pm
re: #245 Skip Intro Funny how the "liberty" "tyranny" "government overreach" folk are not the least bit bothered by pre-emptive martial law when it's happening to people they don't like anyway... Principles. //

Cliven Bundy Releases Unbelievably Surreal Ad With a “Black Friend”

So weird it wraps around
10/18/14 10:11:04 am
re: #215 Dark_Falcon Seems as if someone wants to get more of the story out there, at least the part that deals with "justification." You notice there is absolutely nothing about the officer firing at Michael Brown as he fled ...

Breaking: Airplane Crash at Reno Air Races

‘A mass casualty situation’
9/17/11 11:17:23 am
re: #531 Obdicut I found it interesting and enjoyed reading it, thinking about my journey. I didn't accept the entirety of Rand's gospel but one thing that stuck with me was the 'rational self interest' part. My interpretation of that, ...