Your Teabonics Moment of the Day

A Comic Sans masterpiece
10/01/14 12:35:31 am
re: #108 aagcobb Pardon me, this is breaking the flow to reply to something you said downstairs; due to my time difference I didn't get back to that thread but I didn't want to let this go. When I said ...

Another classic for our Teabonics file, courtesy of @michaelcoleman on Twitter. “IRA” Scandal - check Benghazi misspelled - check Comic Sans font - check (h/t: Backwoods_Sleuth.)

NM GOP Rep. Steve Pearce Hires Wingnut Hate-Blogger “PolitixFireball” as Press Secretary

Wingnut welfare story of the day
3/27/14 2:52:14 pm
re: #178 Decatur Deb Thanks for the response. Pointing out the depleted uranium rounds are not considered fusion clears it up. I was unaware of the designation difference. Yeah, that bit about them being pyrophoric and burning the hell out ...

Insane New Republican Bill Would Send Women to Jail for Having Abortions After Rape

What the hell is wrong with these people?
1/24/13 9:24:07 pm
I've been reading about this kind of stuff for a while now at LGF, and this post just took my breath away. These people have no sense of logic. I'm at a loss of further words.

RNC Official Says NM Governor Disrespected Custer by Meeting American Indians

Yes, a member of the Executive Committee of the Republican National Committee
212What, me worry?
8/25/12 7:21:38 am
A friend of mine (Oglala Sioux) who lived in Atlanta once told me his son came home from school crying because after history class, he was tormented by some children who were praising Custer. My friend told him, "Don't feel ...

New Mexico Gets Bain’d: Romney Took $2.5M in Tax Dollars and 1,000 Jobs From New Mexicans in 2000s

We got the business.
524Killgore Trout
7/19/12 10:01:21 am
re: #522 lawhawk This seems to be the same guy that was warned about a few weeks ago. The original warning was regarding a plot to bomb a plane for the Olympics. Some of the speculation was that he was ...

New Mexico Stealth Creationism Bill Dies, No One Mourns

3/23/09 8:05:20 am
re: #450 el guape Well, there's no need for that to be the case. In the case of Christianity, for instance, the Bible already contains all necessary passages to allow the concurrent, and non-mutually-exclusive concepts of religion and evolutionary theory. ...