An Amazing Set From NPR Tiny Desk Contest Winners: Tank and the Bangas

3/23/17 10:27:36 am
re: #200 lawhawk In any other era I'd still have a problem with Gorsuch. He's an arrogant little git with a missing empathy chip, and we'll probably have to put up with this smarmy ass for three decades. But yes, ...

Tuesday Night Jam: Nigel Hall & NOLA International, “Brother, I’m Hungry”

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492A Mom Anon
3/23/16 12:41:32 pm
re: #433 Dr. Matt Yeah, lets see him introduce or back some legislation that helps the poor with food, education, housing and so on. THEN I'll believe he's not full of shit. Til then, not so much. I still love ...

Gov. Bobby Jindal and Creationism

New Orleans Magazine - June 2013
6/02/13 12:31:16 pm
re: #19 Mattand Jindal continues to test-market this "balancing act". He knows he has until 2016 to improve it. Depending on how "improving his act" goes, I expect him to go for the GOP presidential nomination, or the vice-presidential one. ...

New Orleans Police Officer on Trayvon: ‘Act Like a Thug, Die Like One’

Anyone wondering why African Americans don’t think they’re treated fairly by police?
3/27/12 10:06:33 am
re: #708 ozbloke You guys are probably more like the Brits. American humor is largely German in heritage. It doesn't always translate perfectly.