What Did Mayor De Blasio Say to Get the NYPD So Angry?

They can’t handle the truth
12/28/14 12:17:35 am
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With the remarkable disrespect shown to New York’s Mayor de Blasio by the NYPD recently, it’s instructive to go back and reread what de Blasio said that sent New York’s finest into such paroxysms of rage. Via Michael Tomasky: That’s it, folks; the cause of all this anger and disrespect. …

NSA Paper: Fewer Than 300 Phone Numbers Examined in Detail

NSA also claims the phone data led to the leader of a plot to attack the New York subway system
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6/16/13 1:44:10 pm
re: #134 Political Atheist It's complex. It's basically stuff you probably already do: repetition of action. Telling people to do something: very little effect. Leading them through doing it-- like having them triple-check that a gun is unloaded, having them ...
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Firefighters Gunned Down in Western New York

Days without gun violence: 0
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12/26/12 8:52:50 am
re: #205 SidewaysQuark and swimming pools! Florida has passed all sorts of reactionary (and expensive) "Megan's Law" and ankle-bracelet tracking laws for convicted sex offenders to combat the once-every-three-year abduction and murder (not that those aren't horrible.) Meanwhile, 100 kids ...
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