Samantha Bee’s Preview of the New York Primary Was Hilarious

4/20/16 4:46:15 pm
re: #229 wheat-dogghazi-mailgate Many ex-pat Thais (meaning they aren't in immediate danger if they criticize the junta) say the military is using the lese majeste laws to oppress (small d) democrats. They make a very strong case.
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As we digest the results of tonight’s New York primary, here’s Samantha Bee’s preview from last night, because it’s funny.

NSA Paper: Fewer Than 300 Phone Numbers Examined in Detail

NSA also claims the phone data led to the leader of a plot to attack the New York subway system
153Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
6/16/13 1:44:10 pm
re: #134 Political Atheist It's complex. It's basically stuff you probably already do: repetition of action. Telling people to do something: very little effect. Leading them through doing it-- like having them triple-check that a gun is unloaded, having them ...
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Firefighters Gunned Down in Western New York

Days without gun violence: 0
208ReamWorks SKG
12/26/12 8:52:50 am
re: #205 SidewaysQuark and swimming pools! Florida has passed all sorts of reactionary (and expensive) "Megan's Law" and ankle-bracelet tracking laws for convicted sex offenders to combat the once-every-three-year abduction and murder (not that those aren't horrible.) Meanwhile, 100 kids ...
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