New York Post and UPI Hacked

“World War III has begun”
1/16/15 1:47:20 pm
Damn, we have Fox back on our DISH.

Another hacking incident today, and this time it went beyond a compromised Twitter account; the hackers posted something on the UPI homepage: UPI Website, Twitter Account Hacked. I happened to have one of these tweets open, and grabbed this screenshot because I knew it wouldn’t last long: At the same …

Audio Recording Clears Alec Baldwin of NY Post ‘Racial Slur’ Charge

But not before the right wing blogs go ballistic
2/19/13 2:41:59 pm
re: #109 Dark_Falcon Blind loyalty gives people good will they do not deserve and denies good en a chance to be heard why do you trust Bush over Corn what did Bush do to earn your trust?