In Which Donald Trump Blatantly Lies About an Easily Checked New York Times Article

Does he ever tell the truth?
96Pineapple Pizza
2/10/17 3:45:43 pm
re: #94 goddamnedfrank Wasn't O'Keefe caught red-handed recently trying to commit voter fraud? Why isn't he in jail again?

One of the amazing and disgusting things about Donald Trump is that he doesn’t just lie constantly; he lies about things that are very easily checked and proven false. Today’s case in point: the following tweet about a New York Times article reporting that he caved in and dropped …

New York Times Front Page Editorial: End the Gun Epidemic in America

The United States is not trying
12/06/15 5:41:28 am
re: #396 meteor What we have is sociopatholical behavior as being realized as a cultural and ideological advantage by our right wing. It is also meant to be implemented as American domestic and foreign policy. It is how they now ...

Wingnuts Convinced They’ve “Debunked” Charles Blow’s Story About His Son & Campus Cop

1/30/15 10:09:40 pm
The comments these tools made can only be made by those who ignore the nation's history. We have a long history of some blacks being as prejudiced toward other blacks as some whites. I remember when I was young and ...

Maine Judge Lifts Mandatory Quarantine on Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox

Somebody’s confused
10/31/14 8:55:19 pm
Active monitoring =/= quarantine. If you go to the CDC website, you can search for "Interim guidance on monitoring and movement for persons with potential Ebola exposure." Table 1 explains exactly what the risk categories are and what level of ...

New York Times Calls for “Shrill” Critics to Stop “Vilifying” Edward Snowden

Leave Edward Snowden alone!
1/03/14 8:41:13 am
@BryanJFischer u want to ban non Christian religions despite the 1st amendment. who r u to complain about others imposing their will on U? — CriticalDragon1177 (@CriticalDragon1) January 3, 2014

Chuck Todd, Newly Minted Web Guru: “Adding a Server Would Fix It in a Heartbeat!”

Utter fail
227Clearly a Country For Sick Old Haters
10/21/13 6:29:18 pm
re: #188 Charles Johnson It seems like you're putting down Reddit as a whole due to a single sub-Reddit's rules. This banned site list is for r/politics, not Reddit in general. The sub-reddit's mods are a problem, not the concept ...

NYT Editorial Says Snowden Shouldn’t Get Asylum in Russia, Glenn Greenwald Freaks Right Out

“Putin is a repressive and arrogant leader who treats his people with contempt”
8/07/13 7:22:57 pm
re: #102 darthstar Food at Club Fed is probably better than that awesome Russian cuisine we hear so much about.