Illustration by Ben Wiseman/The New Yorker

The New Yorker: How Trump Could Get Fired

It may not be impossible
5/04/17 4:18:30 pm
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Removing Donald Trump from office may seem like a long shot, but then nothing about the Trump Horror is normal and long shots seem to be coming true every day. Evan Osnos has a thoughtful piece at The New Yorker on this subject that I highly recommend, titled: How Trump …

Putin: “Snowden first met with our diplomats while in Hong Kong.”

Just a friendly tip for the New Yorker.
1/22/14 4:50:16 pm
re: #396 Lidane And of course, if the fetus should survive and manage to be born and nurtured through whatever horrible deficits it has, these same folks will send it home to dad and provide absolutely no support. God never ...