An Awesome Version of “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House (Live in Auckland, 2010)

11/20/17 4:59:29 am
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There are quite a few versions of this song on YouTube, and they’re usually great because it’s just a great song, but this one is the best version I’ve ever seen. Watch the whole thing and you’ll see why.

Drudge and the Deniers

11/28/09 3:34:09 pm
Charles, read . I do have experience with very large datasets, analyizing data for anomolies (including transposition / typographical errors), taking data measurements, understanding the accuracy of both your instruments and the display, and trying to determine if you ...

150th Anniversary of Theory of Evolution

1,544Charles Johnson
7/03/08 3:48:46 pm
OK, everybody put down those smoking keyboards and take a step back, please. The heat-to-light quotient is getting pretty low in here, personality clashes are taking over the thread, and I'm going to close it in about 5 minutes.