Donald J. Trump, Silencer of Dissent

Is The First Amendment “Under Trauma”?
340Jebediah, RBG
1/16/17 6:04:32 pm
re: #42 Eclectic Cyborg Yup - I have loathed him since mid- to late Eighties.

In the third Presidential debate, Donald Trump said that the Second Amendment is “under such trauma.” But what about the First Amendment? While much could be said about freedom of religion, here the focus is on freedom of speech and tolerance of dissenting voices – which is an apropos …

For Some Reason, Former KKK Leader David Duke Thinks It’s a Perfect Time to Run for Office

Gingrich takes to his fainting couch
7/23/16 6:47:28 am
BBC saying Munich killer had "obvious links" to Breivik. Sigh. He invited people to the location via Facebook, posing as a girl. Targeted immigrants.

Newt Gingrich: ‘Life Was Fine’ During the ‘Age of the Dinosaurs’

Bad anti-science craziness
1/09/14 8:06:10 am
re: #107 RealityBasedSteve I love that picture. It encapsulates everything I find desperate, and pathetic, about the Tea Party's demographic. Now, tell that lard-ass to drive his scooter out onto an ice floe, and the picture is complete.

Gingrich Now Blames MSNBC for Right Wing Backlash Over Mandela

The walk-back
497Robert O.
12/09/13 9:53:02 pm
I have heard it described that if Apartheid in South Africa was Coca Cola, then Jim Crow in the South was Pepsi. The Southern conservative crowd obviously love their Pepsi. They still openly display the US equivalent of the Swastika ...

Newt Gingrich Shocked (Shocked!) at Nelson Mandela Backlash

Why the surprise, Newt? Don’t you recognize your base?
12/09/13 6:38:27 am
re: #71 b_sharp I know I'm replying in a dead thread :-) I just had to say if you can talk your wife into getting a Pyr they are fantastic dogs! We have a female Newfoundland (my profile pic) who ...

Billionaire Adelson: Donations to Romney ‘Limitless’

Willing to donate as much as $100 million
6/15/12 10:54:21 am
The lottery is a tax on the poor - how many millionaires or billionaires buy lottery tickets? It offers a miniscule chance of wealth to the desperate by taking more of the money they don't have.

Does Anyone Care That the GOP Presidential Candidate Courts Birthers?

The right constantly harps on Rev. Wright, but Romney hangs out with America’s best-known Birther and nobody blinks
5/24/12 9:39:35 pm
re: #165 blueraven In their write-up they run the numbers and find that the claim is completely true or nearly completely true depending on whether they use inflation adjusted dollars, but then they quibble in that even though it wasn't ...

Unbelievable: Newt Gingrich Calls Obama’s Comments on Trayvon Martin ‘Disgraceful’

A new low for the serial philanderer
3/25/12 11:06:03 am
At this point Newt knows his political career is over. So what does he do? He is establishing his "Hate Obama" creds with the Sean Hannity audience so he can get paid when he does leave the GOP race. These ...