Bernie Sanders: Sandy Hook Parents Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Sue Gun Manufacturers

4/06/16 9:32:54 am
As to how semi-automatic weapons arer advertised and marketed: Apparently a real man needs a Bushmaster, the weapon of choice for murdering elementary school children, or he is a wuss.

This is tomorrow’s front page of the New York Daily News. I started writing this post as an excuse for Bernie Sanders, saying that Sanders wasn’t asked specifically about the Newtown massacre when he said gun manufacturers should be protected from lawsuits. I guess I didn’t want to believe …

Rachel Maddow on the Mainstreaming of Crackpot Conspiracy Theories by the Right Wing

The rise of Alex Jones
110Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
4/26/13 12:44:24 pm
re: #109 stabby There's a lot of antisemitic propaganda in the Middle East. Which is why theorizing that Tamerlane is the same as a Jihadi from Saudi Arabia is really silly. Saying 'it's the same everywhere in the Middle East' ...

Meanwhile, the GOP Has Killed Expanded Background Checks for Gun Buyers

Gun fetishists win
4/17/13 4:52:21 pm
re: #8 Charles Johnson There's no such thing as "common sense gun control" in the eyes of most Republicans. They are nearly monolithic in rejecting what the rest of the developed world already knows empirically.

Adam Lanza’s Arsenal: Guns, Ammo, Knives, Swords, and NRA Certificates

155 rounds in less than five minutes
3/29/13 9:17:20 pm
I read this article this morning right after I woke up, and my heart just sank. I felt so sad and angry for a moment there. I finally shared it on my Twitter tonight because I read this and this ...

Yes, the Father of a Murdered Newtown Child Was Heckled by Gun Nuts

Right wingers jump to defend loathsome behavior
1/30/13 7:26:54 pm
Back to the posted topic. A website that I peruse and post on (occasionally) is discussing this topic. One poster, a right-winger who just appeared after guns started being discussed, said that the father of one of the victims was ...

All We Want for Christmas Is…Guns

The sickest, saddest effect of the Newtown Massacre: a lot more Bushmasters are going to be sold
12Charles Johnson
12/23/12 10:53:26 am
re: #11 Randall Gross You bet - just let me know any time a promoted post needs something changed. One of these days I'll finish writing the code to allow authors to edit their posts after promotion.

National Review Writer: Newtown Caused by Not Enough Manly Men

12/20/12 4:53:21 am
Why do you suppose a page on shame/guilt cultures would cite that paper- and others- if they did not support the idea? Oh yes- and where are those articles discrediting the shame/culture ideas- the ones you claim discredit the whole ...

Megan McArdle: We Should Train Children to ‘Gang Rush’ Shooters

12/18/12 10:48:26 pm
I'm in favor of repealing the Second Amendment. In 21st Century we have no need for Well Regulated Militias. In 21st Century America, I see no reason that the Federal, State and Local governments shouldn't regulate firearms as they see ...