Live Performance: Grinderman, “Worm Tamer”

She cracks lightning like a viper’s tongue
5/08/15 7:10:40 pm
Oh yay, a new batch Google Alerts. // Not gonna read 'em. Time to go watch videos. Later, lizards.

I almost don’t want to file this in the “Music” category, because it’s really just outright audio chaos. It may not be for everyone, but Nick Cave’s Grinderman band of weirdos will rearrange your mind if you let them. I let them, and now I feel unfettered and alive. …

Creepy Thursday Night Jam: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Red Right Hand”

One microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan
649Feline Fearless Leader
9/19/14 2:10:54 pm
re: #526 FemNaziBitch A useful predator since it stops the shoes from multiplying and taking over the Earth. Look how they accumulate and multiply in some closets - a place the shoe bats can't get to easily.