An Open Letter to South Carolina Gov. @NikkiHaley: Bree Newsome Should Take Down the Confederate Flag

The power of symbols
402The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
7/10/15 11:03:59 am
Wrong thread.....

When African American activist Bree Newsome scaled the flagpole and took down the Confederate battle flag on the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse and was immediately arrested, she epitomized the growing revulsion of Americans for this divisive symbol of slavery and racism. Now that the South Carolina legislature …

150 Years After the Civil War, South Carolina Finally Surrenders

Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham call for removal of Confederate flag from SC Capitol
382Pineapple Pizza
6/22/15 8:47:02 pm
re: #325 Shiplord Kirel It's unsurprising, really, that so many straight white people would object to a primarily gay and/or black style of music.

‘Heritage’ An Issue in South Carolina GOP Governor Race

6/20/10 4:49:01 am
Well, my first time commenting here ... I'm not surprised about some right wing Christians being suspicious about Haley's Sikh-ness. Many of them believe yoga, tai chi, karate, meditation and other activities that have spiritual side to them are un-Christian, ...