Conservative Fact Check Fires Pamela Geller’s ‘TechDude’

Discovers that he forged his credentials. Still apparently not clear on much else.
12/02/12 11:07:10 am
Because a lot of people say it, that's EVIDENCE? :::headdesk::: how are you supposed to deal with people for whom "a lot of people say it, including Mr. Donald Trump" is EVIDENCE? (Despairing wail)

Conservative Fact Check, the fact-checking site that’s probably not a parody, has parted ways with Pamela Geller’s “TechDude,” who came up with the nonsensical “heat map” theory behind the obviously forged birth certificate of Kenyan Usurper Barack Shabazz Hussein Obama: Read all about it. Related: Inadvertent Wingnut Humor Site of …

Pamela Geller Doubles Down: New Birth Certificate Fraudulent Too!

Geller’s hilarious ‘exhaustive digital forensic examination’
4/29/11 2:53:15 pm
The document can not be determined to be fake from the "evidence" MarketTicker and others are claiming and here is exctly why and how you can recreate the exact same things at home in less than 2 minutes with your ...

‘Big Government’ Goes Full On Birther

Racist meme finds another home in Breitbart’s website
4/21/11 12:31:55 pm
I'm not overly concerned with Trig's origins either, but for anyone interested in the issue here's a link (thanks, Jesus' General!) to a paper written by a prof at Northern Kentucky U: As far as I'm concerned, she has already ...

Time to Stop Candy-Coating It: Birtherism Is Racism

The excuses aren’t working any more
113General Nimrod Bodfish
4/14/11 10:56:35 am
re: #112 polruan Except that he's white and doesn't have a funny name. Such thing would be confined to the extremes, unlike President Obama where every-fucking-one in the Republican Party believes it or won't stand against it.

Donald Trump’s Birther Lunacy is Working

The base is nuts
4/06/11 5:28:44 am
Donald Trump is a self-promoting clown who doesn’t have a chance of being elected president. Although Donald Trump has a small chance of winning the GOP’s presidential nomination, I am confident that some other self-promoting clown will defeat him in ...

Pamela Geller’s Astounding Birth Certificate Heat Map Analysis (or, Science!)

Hate monger Pamela Geller embraces her Birther roots
638John Vreeland
1/24/11 6:46:53 pm
IF OBAMA HAD BEEN BORN IN KENYA THEN HE IS NOT A CITIZEN EVEN IF HIS MOTHER IS A CITIZEN ...because his mother's citizenship only counts if she spends a certain number of adult years in the USA. I think ...