Excellent News: Supreme Court Affirms NC Racial Gerrymandering Case

352Jebediah, RBG
5/22/17 7:45:24 pm
re: #268 Skip Intro My wife is beyond him, too.

We have a bit of potentially excellent news for the 2018 midterm election, as the Supreme Court affirms that the Republican Party in North Carolina deliberately used gerrymandering to marginalize black voters in North Carolina. The congressional map they put together in 2011 is now invalid.

Watch Live: President Obama Campaign Rally for Hillary Clinton in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

11/02/16 6:45:37 pm
re: #255 Backwoods_Sleuth I bet somebody somewhere who tried the same thing found out mom was a cheater or a liar and Dad wasn't really their dad.... Or Dad was the cheater and there's a surprise half-sibling...
Image via Gage Skidmore / Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

Yet Another Violent Attack on a Protester at Trump’s North Carolina Rally

As Trump says “great!”
10/14/16 6:42:37 pm
re: #296 nickzi I'll have to catch clips or rely on the kindness of strangers, because a) I can't stomach it and b) my cable just borked so I have to reboot the cable box and I just don't have ...

FBI Arrests Anti-Government Extremists in NC, Building Bombs - UPDATE: Inspired by “Jade Helm” Conspiracy Theory

The Fox News audience gets busy
8/04/15 10:06:20 am
re: #204 Dark_Falcon LOL, I think the SS's plan on protecting the Obamas has been called "Operation Hope Nothing Happens." Between people firing shots into the White House's private quarters; letting a knife-weilding maniac run around the WH's ground floor; ...

North Carolina Pastors Raise “Christian Flag” Above US Flag

“The Lord just laid on me”
398John Vreeland
7/11/15 9:07:13 pm
The US Navy traditionally runs a church service pennant over the US flag while services are in session. They currently have separate flags for jewish and xian services. It's the only pennant that ever flies above the ensign.

Virginia Same-Sex Marriage Ban Struck Down by Federal Court

Another defeat for the religious right
69Romantic Heretic
7/28/14 2:58:33 pm
re: #59 Kragar Don't get the Tiny Tina's DLC. There's a boss in it that is nearly unbeatable unless you have the very best weapons and you never a mistake. I did heard of one person who beat it with ...

NC GOP Precinct Chairman Who Resigned Over Racist Comments: The Party Is ‘Gutless’

383klys (maker of Silmarils)
10/25/13 3:36:49 pm
re: #382 FemNaziBitch That's true. But Hollywood special effects and science don't necessarily have much to do with each other. Otherwise Mythbusters wouldn't find so much material to work with on their shows. It can be very frustrating to watch ...

NC GOP Precinct Chairman Resigns After Mega-Racist Interview on the Daily Show

What Republican racism?
10/24/13 9:12:06 pm
re: #130 EPR-radar The son told me that because he was buying a $214,000 12 rack rotisserie bagel oven the size of a very small bedroom he would have the capacity to make bulk sales locally. When I asked if ...

With Sharia Law Bill Threatened, NC Republicans Try to Sneak Abortion Restrictions into Motorcycle Safety Bill

Is this really a legislature, or did the state’s mental patients take over the government?
311Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
7/11/13 9:37:59 am
re: #310 Joanne Here's the actual language: It looks like I was wrong, somewhat, but the language is very muddled, as you'd expect from a religious bill. There's nothing there to say that the rules can't be that there is ...

Bad Craziness Watch: NC Senate Tacks Sweeping Abortion Legislation Onto Sharia Law Bill

A disturbing convergence of backward bigotry
75William Lewis
7/03/13 7:00:26 am
re: #24 Lidane Late but I need to respond: Considering the attacks on liberal churches by far right nuts (see the Knoxville TN Unitarian church for example) one can want to defend one's church rather than be forced to leave ...

GOP Rebranding Watch: NC Republicans Sponsor Bill to Declare Christianity the State Religion

4/04/13 8:39:54 pm
The GOP does realize that it was founded by a fairly progressive tall bearded guy by the name of Abraham Lincoln, no? This country needs job growth and better economic policy and all these morons at the state and federal ...