Donald Trump Just Explicitly Threatened to Start a Nuclear War

“My button is bigger than yours”
1/03/18 11:55:16 am
re: #640 The Vicious Babushka bullshit in search of confirmation bias, which is available in abundance these days.

Our so-called president has been really out of control today on Twitter, but this was the worst of a series of awful tweets, boasting about the size of his “Nuclear Button” and explicitly threatening North Korea. The media is reporting on this, then moving right along to the next story …

Video: Stephen Colbert Would Prefer Not to Have the Earth Blow Up

287unproven innocence
8/11/17 5:30:18 pm
OT re: #216 b_sharp Assuming windows OS, you might consider tweeking the max-cpu options for your power configuration(s). Maybe 50% with charger plugged in, 30% on battery. (Make sure min-cpu is lower than max-cpu.) And maybe passive cooling option for ...