Following Up Kevin Forts, Breivik’s US Sympathizer

Starting a dialog
202Eclectic Infidel
4/19/12 7:18:27 pm
So he murdered the kids and adults in a pre-emptive strike to save the Western world from Islam. Except that this war exists only in Breivik's deranged head. Mr. Forts is a creep without a strain of rational thinking to ...

Breivik Inspiration ‘Fjordman’ Reveals Identity

White nationalist blogger revealed as Peder Jensen
8/06/11 2:50:50 pm
re: #292 wrenchwench Apparently that's where you get a'' "the best information". Silly me for getting offended so fast over all the hate. //

Pamela Geller Attacks Victims of Oslo Terrorist

Geller agrees with Anders Behring Breivik
1,062(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
8/01/11 1:36:29 pm
re: #531 Obdicut Mkay. I think I explained well enough why I perceived it to have the form of a logical argument. I honestly don't think you have shown me any essential misinterpretation on my part. But suit yourself. We ...

Pamela Geller Feebly Explains Edit: ‘Stockpiling Weapons’ is ‘Self Defense’

‘Insensitive, nothing more’
327Eventual Carrion
8/01/11 7:38:11 am
re: #277 000G I know, why should they be defensive. "No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God." (George H.W. Bush) for one of many ...

‘Counter-Jihad’ Blog Calls for More Europeans to Emulate Breivik’s Attacks

This is what ‘counter-jihad’ bloggers support
7/28/11 6:19:34 am
Just out of curiosity, I checked a few seconds ago. "Gates of Vienna" is still linking “The West’s Darkest Hour.” And the "F*** the holocaust!" page is particularly f***ing sick.