And Now, Donald Trump Announces Plan to Relaunch the Nuclear Arms Race

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201Joe Bacon 🌹
12/22/16 9:42:31 pm
re: #179 electrotek Because 19th Century Fox, Alex Jones, Hate Radio and TV preachers keep repeating that lie!

So today Donald Trump decided to reignite the nuclear arms race, with a bizarre delusional tweet saying the US needs to “greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability.” Apparently the Chest-Pounder in Chief thinks this will only be necessary “until the world comes to its senses” about nuclear weapons. …

Civil Liberties Hero Edward Snowden Commits Massive Civil Liberties Violation

Hands over 160,000 private emails to journalists and Glenn Greenwald
7/07/14 9:45:38 am
re: #136 Charles Johnson Years ago I decided to read Balloonjuice regularly after I noticed that one of their tags was,"Show us on the doll where the invisible hand touched you." I fled Balloonjuice and ended up here about a ...

N. Korea Agrees to Suspend Nuclear Activities for US Food Aid

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2/29/12 8:42:36 pm
re: #174 windupbird is in the gravity well Even amongst the Northwest, Portland stands out. I lived near the Canadian border and when the fuel pump went out on my 15-year-old Volvo, I had to go all the way to ...

Ukraine Agrees to Give Up Nuke Material

4/15/10 10:55:02 am
Just what material are they giving up? Weapons? Chernobyl waste? Bomb-grade wasn't just stockpiled there; in Soviet days, Ukraine mined and processed it, too. The Zheltye Vody facility was famous for being run by the slave labor of condemned criminals ...