In Long Unhinged Screed, Glenn Beck Apologizes for Calling Sarah Palin a “Clown”

There’s something really wrong with these people
218De Kolta Chair
9/11/15 3:34:04 pm
re: #199 wrenchwench Apologies to the spirits of Lon Chaney, Jr. and Maria Ouspenskaya.
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Yes, folks, he’s walking back his “clown” remarks, but he’s still very unhappy with the weirdo from Wasilla. The super-long post is at his Facebook page, but Right Wing Watch has most of it here: A Contrite Glenn Beck Apologizes for Calling Sarah Palin a ‘Clown’. That’s just the …

Glenn Beck, Asking Questions: Did Obama Leak That Anti-Islam Video With an Off-the-Grid Secret Blackberry?

Perfectly plausible
340Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
5/31/13 9:35:20 am
re: #339 Acemarilllion You are so right and I just realized Beck seems like a villain from The Avengers. The old one, not the new stupid movie or series or whatever.
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Glenn Beck: Interview With Atheist Tornado Survivor Was a Setup by “Forces of Spiritual Darkness”

Why so crazy?
5/24/13 10:32:29 am
Why is Blitzer pestering people about "thanking the lord for surviving"? Who the fuck he thinks he is? The Pope? Also, why the fuck is the "lord" allowing any such thing happening in the first place? Is the "lord" not ...
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Glenn Beck: AP and IRS Scandals Are Just Cover-Ups for the Benghazi Cover-Up

Paranoia that eats its own tail
5/18/13 3:42:16 pm
re: #58 Dark_Falcon Ron Paul endorsed Kokesh when he ran for state legislature in NM. Kokesh was no less kooky at that time. As always, the nutburgers are OK with the fellow nutburgers until their nuttiness is noticed in the ...
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Fear the bristling Gohmert
73Grunthos the Flatulent
5/16/13 6:52:09 pm
re: #5 Bubblehead II Greenslade: Mr EcclesGohmert we are not for one moment doubting your sincerity, it's just your intelligence that's in question. EcclesGohmert: Well I accept your apology. Roos loose in the top paddock. The wheel is spinning but ...
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Glenn Beck’s Getting Crazier: The “System X” Conspiracy Theory

The latest dastardly progressive plot only Glenn knows about
3/28/13 7:30:41 pm
re: #58 Carlos Machina I guess you didn't get the RW memo. Common Core is of the debbil, because it's the Big Bad Fed'rul Gummint telling us how and what to teach our kids. Communism! Socialism! 11ty!! If the Dept ...
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