The Daily Show’s John Oliver Interviews the Head of the OIC

Repairing America’s relationship with the Muslim world
218Aye Pod
2/16/13 5:26:48 am
re: #113 jamesfirecat Sure if only my thoughts weren't so easily provoked, I could have had as shit a time watching that movie as you clearly did. How I envy you/ I just love arguments of the "you were wrong ...

Obama Administration Opposes UN Anti-Defamation Laws

10/29/09 2:08:51 pm
re: #566 Yashmak society has chosen to differentiate these different types of hate because of the statistical increase in abuse certain groups receive -- just for being in that group. It's obvious you are just upset over the word "hate" ...

Emerson: The White House, CAIR and the OIC

7/06/07 10:25:13 am
re: #272 Nannette Hi Nannette, Expansion is definitely the lynchpin of the Islamist ideology, and present also in the minds of most Muslims through their dawa. I also hold that there is room for spiritual, apolitical Muslims, and wouldn't want ...

Media Fail to Inform Public About OIC

6/28/07 4:32:52 pm
"America will submit to Islam", predicts renowned, Swiss, social-scientist and authoress of "Eurabia", Prof. Bat Ye'or. "It is true that we use the same words: justice, peace... But in Shari'a, the law of Muslims, peace means submission, above all. Therefore ...

US to Send Envoy to Organization of Islamic Conference

6/28/07 10:00:08 pm
r.e Kenneth amd Buzzsawmonkey about being fair to the ROP That sounds nice. It also happens to go against the First Amendment--which is only one of many, many reasons why it was not about to happen. Islam should not enjoy ...