SICK: GOP Senators Warn Iran Not To Trust The U.S.

Putting Obama Hatred Over U.S. Interests
3/10/15 11:14:28 am
re: #291 djcelts When you go to Washington to demand answers at the State Department, let us know what you find out.

In an unprecedented move, 47 US senators warned Iran that any nuclear deal made would last only as long as President Obama remained in office. I don’t know how this can be anything other than Obama Derangement Syndrome at its absolute worst. There currently is no deal so how do …

Rudy Giuliani on Brooklyn Police Shootings: It’s Obama’s Fault

What the hell is he talking about?
403eff Jeff
12/22/14 11:30:12 am
I know, I know, new thread, but it doesn't feel right stinking up the other thread with this. I find this a little more understandable (that's not approval: keep reading). Giuliani is a man who built his political career by ...

In Which a Right Wing Website Mocks Obama for Acting to Protect a Vital Ecological System

Who needs bees anyway?
364Eventual Carrion
6/24/14 11:36:37 am
re: #327 Pie-onist Overlord Wonder what similarities? Didn't win the election but was appointed to the position? Started war(s) with countries that had not attacked him? She should list the similarities.

Lolwut: Rick Santorum Says Rand Paul Is Allied With Barack Obama

Not a smart man
3/22/14 4:36:55 pm
I like his logic - you are not a friend of america unless you hate the gays, force women to submit, want big government theocracy, and love to make war. Loving making war is great. moar war love making. less ...

Russia Continues Moving on Ukraine, US Republicans Continue Attacking Obama

Remember when it was considered bad form to take a foreign country’s side against the US?
3/03/14 2:42:24 pm
re: #358 Lidane I agree with this 100%. I don't want to fight Russia over this, and it really isn't an option anyway. We do need to use finesse and diplomacy. I just think Kerry dropped a clanger there with ...

Breitbart “News” Beclowns Themselves Yet Again

Right wing journalism at its finest
85Egregious Philbin
11/20/13 8:49:46 pm
I received a one week ban from a site that I posted at for years by pointing out that only one sitting president (Taft) ever spoke at Gettysburg on the anniversary, and that Ken Burns said that he gave Obama ...