SICK: GOP Senators Warn Iran Not To Trust The U.S.

Putting Obama Hatred Over U.S. Interests
3/10/15 11:14:28 am
re: #291 djcelts When you go to Washington to demand answers at the State Department, let us know what you find out.
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In an unprecedented move, 47 US senators warned Iran that any nuclear deal made would last only as long as President Obama remained in office. I don’t know how this can be anything other than Obama Derangement Syndrome at its absolute worst. There currently is no deal so how do …

A Picture of Bad Craziness: New Poll Shows 54% of Republicans Think Obama Is Muslim “Deep Down”

The base is not sane
3377-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
2/25/15 4:14:06 pm
re: #213 b_sharp If S wants to hide something from me, all she has to do is to put it in the fruit or vegetable drawers. Out of sight, out of mind.
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In Which a Right Wing Website Mocks Obama for Acting to Protect a Vital Ecological System

Who needs bees anyway?
364Eventual Carrion
6/24/14 11:36:37 am
re: #327 Pie-onist Overlord Wonder what similarities? Didn't win the election but was appointed to the position? Started war(s) with countries that had not attacked him? She should list the similarities.
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Russia Continues Moving on Ukraine, US Republicans Continue Attacking Obama

Remember when it was considered bad form to take a foreign country’s side against the US?
3/03/14 2:42:24 pm
re: #358 Lidane I agree with this 100%. I don't want to fight Russia over this, and it really isn't an option anyway. We do need to use finesse and diplomacy. I just think Kerry dropped a clanger there with ...
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Breitbart “News” Beclowns Themselves Yet Again

Right wing journalism at its finest
85Egregious Philbin
11/20/13 8:49:46 pm
I received a one week ban from a site that I posted at for years by pointing out that only one sitting president (Taft) ever spoke at Gettysburg on the anniversary, and that Ken Burns said that he gave Obama ...
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