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House Passes Budget Deal Despite Kamikaze Caucus Opposition

All 167 “no” votes were from crazed Republican teabaggers
10/29/15 1:02:07 am
My congresscritter is among the Kamikaze Caucus.
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I’m so old I remember when it was not even news that the House of Representatives passed a budget bill to keep the federal government funded. It was just what they were supposed to do. No big deal. But nowadays, when the Republican Party has gone full tilt batshit …

GOHMERT! Defund Anything That Obama ‘Cares Deeply About’

What right wing obstructionism?
7/08/14 1:16:10 pm
re: #290 KerFuFFler I agree. Math or Science tutoring would have been a better investment for their kids than an infantile 5 year-old "screw the world" mentality. Who would think of such a thing as to rig a truck to ...
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Rand Paul Threatens to Block Janet Yellen Nomination to Fed

Crazy libertarian obstructionism to continue
82Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
10/25/13 1:14:08 pm
re: #79 EPR-radar I'd say the only lie on the Democratic side that approaches any of those is that marijuana is a dangerously harmful drug, but that, at least, is softening for the Democrats and saying you disagree with that ...