Republicans Realizing They Made a Bad Mistake: That Iran Letter Was a “Light-Hearted, Cheeky” Joke

623Eventual Carrion
3/11/15 11:19:04 am
re: #581 Eclectic Cyborg Take her forever to get through a metal detector.
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And now that it’s starting to sink in how badly they screwed up, and how incredibly awful they made themselves look, the Republican Party is falling back on the time-honored “IT WAS A JOKE!” excuse. Never fails. Except that it always fails.

GOHMERT! Defund Anything That Obama ‘Cares Deeply About’

What right wing obstructionism?
7/08/14 1:16:10 pm
re: #290 KerFuFFler I agree. Math or Science tutoring would have been a better investment for their kids than an infantile 5 year-old "screw the world" mentality. Who would think of such a thing as to rig a truck to ...
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Rand Paul Threatens to Block Janet Yellen Nomination to Fed

Crazy libertarian obstructionism to continue
82Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
10/25/13 1:14:08 pm
re: #79 EPR-radar I'd say the only lie on the Democratic side that approaches any of those is that marijuana is a dangerously harmful drug, but that, at least, is softening for the Democrats and saying you disagree with that ...

Here We Go Again: GOP Sen. Toomey Wants to Shut Down the Government Over Debt Ceiling

Hating the President more than they love the US
1/02/13 6:14:56 pm
Hmmm. Let's examine the fiscal conservatives' logic with respect to the debt ceiling: The main objective of the intransigent Republican members of Congress is -- allegedly -- to curb wasteful government spending. So to meet that objective, they are threatening ...
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