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Breaking: President Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Bill - Update: Right Wing Freakout Well Under Way

Keeping a promise
2/24/15 3:43:25 pm
re: #45 Backwoods_Sleuth Remember when Republicans repped themselves as Big Many Men? Boehner's one weepy sumbitch.

Carrying through on his promise, the President has vetoed the Keystone XL bill. The right wing will now go nuts, as usual. UPDATE at 2/24/15 1:15:45 pm by Charles Johnson

Washington Post: Obama to Reject Keystone Oil Pipeline

An environmental disaster that won’t happen
169Interesting Times
1/19/12 12:47:44 pm
re: #167 BigPapa Alex Jones talking points is even more appropriate. I wonder if tshinkle is a 9/11 truther as well? :P Perhaps he also participated in this lovely activity: And, like classic willfully ignorant bullies incapable of taking responsibility ...

Yes, Gingrich and Other Republicans are Delusional About Oil

Just one more on the list of today’s GOP’s favorite delusions
12/17/11 12:32:58 am
One thing the drill-baby-drill crowd fails to mention is the added cost of reaching those reserves will inevitably raise the price of oil for consumers. Not that they care about how it will affect the consumers ... It's basic supply-and-demand. ...

Saudi Prince: ‘We Don’t Want the West to Find Alternatives’

‘At the end of the day, the United States is down, but it is not out’
482Interesting Times
6/02/11 1:41:35 pm
"Drill, baby, drill" troll doesn't seem to understand the "oil is fungible" concept. As long as there's worldwide demand for oil, Saudi Arabia and other nefarious regimes will have as much oil money to fund as much nastiness as they ...

Obama’s Shift Toward Military Intervention in Libya

US joins coalition of European and Arab countries, but no troops
529Mike DeGuzman
3/21/11 8:51:22 pm
re: #518 dragonfire1981 So what will the President will do with Yemen, Syria, Bharain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, when they start to slaughter their own people who are protesting against them? Strong response like in Libya?

UN Security Council Authorizes Military Force in Libya

Obama warns Gaddafi to stop the violence
3/19/11 9:30:39 pm
re: #3 Targetpractice, Worst of Both Worlds Clinton never sent troops into Bosnia, unless there are some there on peacekeeping detail. If there are any there, apparently they're not getting shot at.

Politicians Should Be Held to the Same Standard As NASCAR Drivers

752Steve Dutch
8/09/10 7:51:31 am
Someone pointed out - correctly - that Dave Barry suggested NASCAR decals on politicians a decade ago. He also suggested injecting honesty into campaigns - literally - as in massive doses of sodium pentathol. DB for President! Another post mentioned ...