In Which Donald Trump Embarrasses America and Makes an Ass of Himself Again

Fear-mongering malevolent orange sack tweets again
6/04/17 10:13:48 pm
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Following the attack in London yesterday, our so-called president did what he does best: he launched a stream of fear-mongering, opportunistic tweets, and retweeted an early unconfirmed post at Drudge Report, because who needs intelligence services and experts when you can just browse over to Drudge Report for your information? …

Obama: My Uncle Helped Liberate Auschwitz (Bzzt! Wrong!) - Update: Video Added

5/27/08 6:08:18 pm
re: #993 Killian Bundy That should be a thread. Obama doesn't even know what Memorial Day stands for. Memorial Day? Veterans Day? Doesn't matter to him. It's political expediency. I'll bet he didn't honor our fallen heroes before it became ...