Breitbart “News” Hack John Nolte Invents “Gag Order” Fake Outrage About Anti-Gay Oregon Bakery

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7/03/15 2:57:49 pm
re: #77 CleverToad Even deader thread. In Ohio, Big Bear was a local chain that was in business for about 60 years before it got swallowed by Penn Traffic, which ran it into the ground in about 3 years. So ...
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Breitbart “News” hack John Nolte is really cranking out the fake outrage posts lately. Today he’s raging and ranting about “overt fascism” because the fanatical Oregon bakery owners who wanted to refuse service to a lesbian couple are being subjected to what he labels a “gag order” by “the …

Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Suspect Arrested in Oregon: ‘Christians Can Jihad Too’

‘You look like Obama, you’re a Muslim like him’
8/26/11 8:34:25 pm
re: #11 laZardo Thanks for again proving that a) No one should read Torah in English b) No one should read Torah without Talmud c) No one should pretend they know anything about Judaism based solely on cursory Torah readings. ...
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