Video: Trump Lies About Opposing Iraq War, Says He Would Have Caught Bin Laden Before 9/11

Lying to your face, even when he knows it’s provably false
201Eric The Fruit Bat
9/08/16 6:35:01 pm
re: #69 darthstar When I had my colonoscopy last month they used propofol ("Milk of amnesia")-I was out in 30 seconds. Previously they used fentanyl and midazolam, which did not knock me out. I'm on the 5-year schedule due to ...
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In the middle of his 09/08/2016 speech about education in Cleveland, Donald Trump suddenly went on an extended rant about his record on the Iraq War, repeating once again the lie that he opposed the war “from the beginning.” He didn’t. And Trump didn’t stop there. Trump also claimed …

Jim Hoft Flat Out Lies About Panetta and “Waterboarding,” Gets a Drudge Link

Dishonesty rewarded by wingnut welfare
215No Country For Old Haters
2/03/13 7:41:50 pm
I just found out from a friend (who didn't know that I know the victim) that a waitress at the Denny's I eat at regularly was brutally murdered. She was a friendly, pretty baby-faced girl. She seems to have chosen ...
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Your Laughable Post of the Day: ‘What Gutsy Call?’

Even if Obama had personally parachuted in and gunned down bin Laden, they’d still be whining
84funky chicken
4/27/12 8:54:26 pm
re: #57 Talking Point Detective QFT, and I still wonder what Sadaam thought he had? Or was he crazy enough to think his bluff would work out for him? Obviously the Sauds were anxious to shift the focus Sadaam's way. ...
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