Video: Trump Lies About Opposing Iraq War, Says He Would Have Caught Bin Laden Before 9/11

Lying to your face, even when he knows it’s provably false
201The Major
9/08/16 6:35:01 pm
re: #69 darthstar When I had my colonoscopy last month they used propofol ("Milk of amnesia")-I was out in 30 seconds. Previously they used fentanyl and midazolam, which did not knock me out. I'm on the 5-year schedule due to ...

In the middle of his 09/08/2016 speech about education in Cleveland, Donald Trump suddenly went on an extended rant about his record on the Iraq War, repeating once again the lie that he opposed the war “from the beginning.” He didn’t. And Trump didn’t stop there. Trump also claimed …

White House on Seymour Hersh’s Bin Laden Article: “Patently False”

“Inaccuracies and baseless assertions”
5/11/15 11:16:25 am
re: #12 The Pie Mother I'm totally shocked. Who could have seen this coming? Also, it's still totally believable to me that Trayvon Martin attacked this guy out of the bushes for no reason as he was heading back to ...

Jim Hoft Flat Out Lies About Panetta and “Waterboarding,” Gets a Drudge Link

Dishonesty rewarded by wingnut welfare
215Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
2/03/13 7:41:50 pm
I just found out from a friend (who didn't know that I know the victim) that a waitress at the Denny's I eat at regularly was brutally murdered. She was a friendly, pretty baby-faced girl. She seems to have chosen ...

Fake Wingnut Outrage of the Day: Obama Canceled Bin Laden Raid! Gasp!

Idiots get worked up about nothing again
7/31/12 8:43:40 am
It's incredible how Obama's successes pain right wingers so greatly that they have to go fishing for reasons to minimize his achievements. Obama got him, Bush didn't. End of story.

Your Laughable Post of the Day: ‘What Gutsy Call?’

Even if Obama had personally parachuted in and gunned down bin Laden, they’d still be whining
84funky chicken
4/27/12 8:54:26 pm
re: #57 Talking Point Detective QFT, and I still wonder what Sadaam thought he had? Or was he crazy enough to think his bluff would work out for him? Obviously the Sauds were anxious to shift the focus Sadaam's way. ...

Recommended: The Atlantic’s 9/11 Special Report

The first anniversary Osama bin Laden isn’t watching
171Mark Winter
9/11/11 4:27:45 pm
"I mean, among others, terrorism's apologists, who argue that terror is a weapon of the weak, when it is in fact a weapon deployed against the weak." Can't think of a shorter and better definition. Bravo!

Jon Stewart: About Those Pakistani Allies

Returning the tail, under duress
231First As Tragedy, Then As Farce
5/22/11 10:20:27 am
Life-improving tip #171: At the conclusion of every otherwise ordinary interaction, imagine the British actor of your choice coldly and menacingly intoning, "So be it!" Examples: they: "Thank you for calling Pizza Hovel, may I take your order?" you: "I'd ...

Video: Full 60 Minutes Interview with President Obama

‘We need to redouble our efforts in hunting bin Laden down’
5/09/11 11:46:26 pm
re: #314 Floral Giraffe I know from experience. A friend of mine stored some of her stuff with me. I got tired of it, and what made it came to a head was that I wanted to paint, and I ...