Trump Administration Makes Refugees Pay “Full Fare” to Be Evacuated From Puerto Rico

9/28/17 5:11:05 pm
re: #205 Charles Johnson that would actually be a cool feature for me to save the 1 kilometer roundtrip walking to my mailbox each day if there's nothing worth walking that far...

Several Trump administration officials have now been reported to be using private luxury jets to fly around the country, and billing the government for it. But today we learn that the Trump administration is requiring refugees to pay full fare to be evacuated from the island. And they plan to …

Greenwald on the Amash Amendment: Obama Is Literally in Cahoots With GOP

XXX Outrage Porn
708Eventual Carrion
7/26/13 11:32:58 am
re: #649 Gus Better be careful, I collect every call that comes into the dealerships that run my software. I get it off the SMDR PBX record, parse the record and put the METADATA into a database. The sales staff ...

Outrageous Outrages Flowing at Much Higher Rate Than Previously Estimated

583Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
5/30/10 4:52:23 pm
re: #582 windsagio We're not anywhere close to going to war. I haven't seen anyone on LGF ever assert you can disprove god's existence. It would be a profoundly foolish and unnecessary statement, since there is no need to disprove ...