New Mexico Gets Bain’d: Romney Took $2.5M in Tax Dollars and 1,000 Jobs From New Mexicans in 2000s

We got the business.
524Killgore Trout
7/19/12 10:01:21 am
re: #522 lawhawk This seems to be the same guy that was warned about a few weeks ago. The original warning was regarding a plot to bomb a plane for the Olympics. Some of the speculation was that he was ...

Read it all here. In New Mexico, $2.5 million is a lot of money, and 1,000 is a lot of jobs.

Romney Invested Millions in Chinese Firm That Explicitly Profited From Outsourcing US Jobs

The outsourcing charges against Romney are true
7/12/12 3:56:04 pm
re: #114 Mattand I *had* this problem with my wife and other members of my family who would regularly load up their hard drive with cookies and spyware, install data sucking links on their homepage (it's taking too long to ...