Saturday Off the Wall: Tom Waits on Everything and Nothing

Executions for moles
135Colère Tueur de Lapin
10/11/15 2:57:35 am
re: #95 Reality Based Steve Playing with power tools always a plus. Not knowing what the baseline of the shop is visually, I'd be willing to be that people will notice, if not necessarily specifics, that all the visual lines ...

PBS Statement Regarding October 3 Presidential Debate

Romney singles out PBS for attack
10/05/12 8:43:48 pm
re: #33 makeitstop PBS' Civil War would not have been made without public funds. Ken Burns himself says so. After it showed, and became a cultural phenomenon - which spawned a whole Civil War collecting sub culture, the History Channel's ...

Fox News Employee Juan Williams Attacks NPR

When grudge-carrying disgraced former NPR employees attack
3/22/11 6:30:25 am
re: #43 andres I don't agree that what Williams said was bigoted. He expressed how he felt and right after denounced those feelings. He was clearly was trying to make a point about bigotry, not slam Muslims.

Rep. McGovern: No Federal Funding for Political Ads on Fox News

Congressman suggests defunding the media arm of the Republican Party
3/17/11 6:24:17 pm
re: #9 Gus 802 A mugger once liberated me from my wallet. To this day, I thank that brave soul for teaching me such a valuable lesson about freedom. I wish I had gotten his name so I could pay ...