Flashback! 1/2014: PJ Media Encourages Readers to Sign Petition to Free Bergdahl “By Any Means Necessary”

By any means necessary - including the release of the 5 Gitmo detainees
6/03/14 12:33:22 pm
re: #797 William Barnett-Lewis Most DKos frontpagers are OK. It's many of the users that are problematic.

Here’s PJ Media in January encouraging people to sign a petition for the White House to secure the release of Bergdahl by ANY means necessary. Including mentioning the possible trade of 5 Taliban GITMO detainees. Related: Screenshot 6 Months Later: Hat tip(s): Update 1: Update 2 - Others: Related: …

PJ Media Comments for Robert Spencer: ‘All Muslims Are Terrorists and Must Die!’

Where Robert Spencer goes, the bigotry and hatred follow
6/19/12 8:22:51 am
re: #262 Charles Johnson She may have revealed one of her "secrets" to writing inspired blog posts. First, get into a cab with a driver who "looks Muslim" to her. (If necessary, drink until any driver would "look Muslim".) Once ...

Hate Group Leader Robert Spencer Now Featured Writer at PJ Media: The Backstory

They’ve grown accustomed to his hate
6/12/12 5:38:45 pm
re: #59 Talking Point Detective re: #194 Romantic Heretic I really don't have a problem with people owning guns as per the 2nd Amendment. I know there's a lot of gun owners here, but I'm sorry; the people in these ...

Rachel Maddow on Yet Another Right Wing Fake Outrage

The President once said he wants America to become more generous - the horror!
3/18/12 1:54:39 am
re: #126 Killgore Trout Well, just don't pretend that you're a neutral observer. You're making assumptions about the equivalence of the liberal left and the conservative right ideological complexes. As in: they're both basically benign, and when there is extremism ...