Trump Kicks Off the New Year by Attacking Iran and Pakistan From His Golf Course

300Quoth the raven, Covfefe.
1/01/18 8:21:02 pm
re: #299 austin_blue And when you're talking about planes that individually cost millions of dollars and the lawsuits on top of that for hundreds of passengers, there is considerable incentive in making sure that fuckups are punished severely.

Our so-called president has been golfing for seven straight days now (after viciously attacking President Obama over and over for playing golf, of course, and swearing that he wouldn’t have any time for it himself if he were elected). But that hasn’t kept him from his normal ritual of spewing …

Fake Wingnut Outrage of the Day: Obama Canceled Bin Laden Raid! Gasp!

Idiots get worked up about nothing again
7/31/12 8:43:40 am
It's incredible how Obama's successes pain right wingers so greatly that they have to go fishing for reasons to minimize his achievements. Obama got him, Bush didn't. End of story.

Jon Stewart: About Those Pakistani Allies

Returning the tail, under duress
231First As Tragedy, Then As Farce
5/22/11 10:20:27 am
Life-improving tip #171: At the conclusion of every otherwise ordinary interaction, imagine the British actor of your choice coldly and menacingly intoning, "So be it!" Examples: they: "Thank you for calling Pizza Hovel, may I take your order?" you: "I'd ...

Bin Laden SEAL Team May Have Trained at Area 51

Never mind those old UFOs
635Feline Fearless Leader
5/05/11 12:53:16 pm
re: #613 Spocomptonite Trump would have backed out at the last minute anyways once he realized that just driving the pace car out in front initially did not mean that he automatically won the race and got the big trophy. ...

Christopher Hitchens: Now What About Pakistan?

‘It’s the sheer blatancy of it that catches the breath’
61Girl with a Pearl Earring
5/02/11 2:12:18 pm
Below is a link to an article with CIA 's diagrams and aerial photos Of The Bin Laden compound. The diagram in the link below is particularly interesting in that it helps explain the photograph details. Check out the BBC ...