About That So-Called ‘Pallywood’ Video…

11/18/12 3:30:52 pm
re: #356 Kronocide Every overstatement will be leapt upon. The fable of the boy who cried wolf is apt. Scientists need to continue saying exactly what they know about the trend and about the dangers. No more, as well as ...

Israel Authorizes Call-Up of 75,000 Reservists for Possible Gaza Incursion

Ground war imminent
11/17/12 12:32:02 pm
re: #197 SanFranciscoZionist To be clear I stand for the rights of all citizens and working towards a resolution that recognizes borders and needs of both countries. I wish for as few deaths as possible on both sides. Just to ...

Romney’s Latest Position: Yes, It Is About Culture

Exploiting the deep need to feel superior
8/02/12 2:04:43 pm
re: #177 garhighway Ok, Please tell me two brutally oppressive conditions that are at least partially created by Israeli policy that the Palestinians live under. And yes, I think anyone who describes Israel as apartheid is guilty of hate speech. ...

Poll: 57% of Israeli Voters Think Netanyahu Should Have Supported Obama

Israeli voters say Bibi should not have opposed the President
5/27/11 8:55:06 pm
re: #45 goddamnedfrank It's the same problem I have with the rest of the world's ideas on Israel: that Israel has to give up land for peace (or even stop building in her own country!) to placate people who openly ...

Glenn Beck Announces Plans to Meddle in Middle East

Raving freakazoid to rave in Israel
5/17/11 2:49:22 pm
re: #11 Killgore Trout Speaking of Geert the Hair Helmet, his ass was just here in Nashville last week speaking at a megachurch a few miles away from my house (as well as a meet-and-greet at the Williamson County GOP ...